Clinical Psychologist and Mind-Body Therapist



I'm Sascha Anna Vriend, and over the years I have worked in various hospitals and private institutions providing psychological support to people of all ages, as well as their families and caretakers. My clinical experience includes helping people with personality disorders, handicaps, neurological and health issues (cognitive impairments, brain injuries, chronic and acute illness), language disorders, learning difficulties, and emotional and behavioural problems (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relational disorders, loss, trauma).

Passionate about sports and the expressive arts, the link between psychological, physical and spiritual health has always been clear to me. Thus, after my training as a Clinical Psychologist, I specialized in the area of mind-body therapy, and currently work alongside medical and health specialists providing multidisciplinary treatment plans which promote a client's overall well-being . Through this work, I have found that the best and fastest psychotherapeutic results come from an integrative therapy technique that engages a client as a whole (mind and body), in a warm, safe, and judgment-free environment. 

Aside from my clinical work and private practice, I currently facilitate workshops aimed at personal growth and development, such as presence sessions and expressive movement groups. In 2019 I founded IO, a center dedicated to promoting health and transformation from an individual to a community level.

Whichever the context of my work, I am a dedicated therapist and care deeply about my clients well-being. Curious to know each unique person, I work according to their individual needs, helping them to overcome challenges and difficulties and move towards their own subjective goals and dreams. 



  • Certified Clinical Psychologist with the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (OPP, member number 22920).

  • Trained in Theory and Techniques of Body Psychotherapy (T.T.P.C) by the Portuguese Center of Reichian Studies (CPER).

  • Masters degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Superior Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA, Lisbon).

  • BSc in Biological Sciences of Psychology from Edinburgh University.

  • Specialization in Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology from New York University (NYU Tandon School of Engineering).

  • Beyond Experience: Intensive Course on Psychedelic Integration by the MIND Foundation, Berlin

In agreement with the ethical and deontological requirements of the practice of Clinical Psychology, I am committed to continually extending and refining the theoretical approaches and the techniques applied in my work, according to current research developments. Further information regarding the accreditation of Clinical Psychologists in Portugal is available on the OPP website

 Centro Português de Estudos Reichianos
Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses
Univeristy of Edinburgh
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