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Integrative Massage is a form of mind-body therapy that combines techniques from several Eastern and Western schools, incorporating body character analysis and an understanding of energy flow in the body. The purpose of this massage is the flexibilization of a person's muscular armour (chronic tensions which reflect their psychological character and past/present life experiences), and consequently the emotional activity of their body, thus providing access to the most essential parts of the self. 

An initial session is carried out in order to acquire the client’s clinical history and conduct a body reading (e.g. identify painful or tense areas) as well as define key areas or themes to be worked through the massage. A therapeutic strategy is then defined in terms of the most appropriate touches and manipulations to be used, in agreement with the persons's current needs and preferences. 

Integrative massage contributes to an overall feeling of relaxation, and the harmonization of energy flow through the body has benefits for both psychological and physical wellbeing. 

Duration: 1st session 2h. Following sessions 1h.

(Sessions required varies according to client needs).

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